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🔰 Microsoft 365 Admin Infographic : Change Teams meeting recordings automatic expiration

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How to change the default expiration meeting recording setting to a shorter or longer duration ?

With the pandemic and the growing increase in hybrid work, online meetings have become the norm. You're an administrator of a tenant and you want to free up storage space so you're not burdened with space-consuming meeting records that are usually not seen after 1 month.

Within the Teams admin center, you can change now the default expiration setting for recordings stored in OneDrive and SharePoint. Automatically, the setting is set to 120 days and the expiration date is calculated as the day it's created plus the default number of days set in the Teams policy by the admin.

These values can be changed as follows :

- Minimum value: 1 day

- Maximum value: 99,999 days

- You can also uncheck the box "meetings autoamtically expire" so the recordings never expire

All users will see a notification about the expiration date in the recording thumbnail and a red icon next to the file in the OneDrive or SharePoint folder 14 days before the file expires.

Before the expiration date, if you are the video owner, you will still have the possibility to extend the expiration from the options "Extend by 7 days," "Extend by 30 days," "Extend by 60 days", "No expiration".

!! For education clients !!

If you are in A1 licensing plan, recordings will be moved to the recycle bin 30 days after creation. To retain recordings for longer than 30 days A1 users will need to download the file to a non-synced folder.

If you are in A3, A5 licensing plan, you will be able to change the default expiration as mentionned above

change Microsoft Teams default expiration meeting recording

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