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📣 Microsoft Ignite 2022: my 2 sessions on Microsoft Teams and hybrid work

From October 12th to 14th, Microsoft Ignite (Microsoft's annual conference for professionals, services and enterprise products) was held in Seattle and around the world.

More than 907 sessions and 1212 speakers from around the world to speak around the following topics: Azure, AI, Business Applications, Industry Cloud, Microsoft 365, Power Platform, Security and Windows.

And this year, I had the privilege to be invited as a speaker to animate 2 sessions, the first one on a decision tree for Microsoft Teams and the second one on hybrid work around the new work habits and Microsoft Viva.

Microsoft Ignite 2022

Microsoft Teams Best Practices, Tips and Tricks from our experts

For the first one, Laurie Pottmeyer and Stephen Rose invited MVP Community real world experts to hear and see what the most impactful Teams features are for them and their customers.

I presented a session with a strong focus on the right decisions to make in a Teams deployment, beyond just technical governance. I shared a decision tree that I use daily with my customers to make them understand the impact of choices on a team vs. a channel vs. a conversation group, etc...

Here is the description :

Let's stop talking only about technical governance! Any good adoption relies on people and their good understanding of communication and collaboration paths. No good technical governance without good governance of uses. I will propose a small tour of the right decisions and key organizational schema to have on teams, public, private and shared channels, Loop and some governance particularities between business and education tenants.

If you couldn't attend the session, check out the recording below

Microsoft Ignite Teams governance

Travail et équipes hybrides : où en êtes-vous ? (delivered in French)

For the second one, I was with Sarah El Marjani to animate a round table in French on hybrid work, what has changed in our work habits and I shared with the participants some good tips to find your way in the management of communication channels, in the management of collaboration and new work habits.

We also talked about some of the solutions from Microsoft Viva that can improve the daily life and experience of the employee.

Here is the description :

The pandemic has clearly shown the importance of communication and collaboration with people on site and remotely. What about today? How have the structures in Teams evolved with shared channels? Loop? Viva? What master plan to consider? What best practices to follow? What do we need to know about new features and adoption?

If you couldn't attend the session, check out the recording below

Microsoft Ignite Hybrid work

If you have any questions or comments about my 2 sessions, feel free to contact me


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