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🔰 Microsoft Teams Infographic : How to archive inactives channels without archiving the entire team ?

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When working in a Team, how to archive properly a channel no longer in use to prevent people from editing the content ?

Your team has just completed a major project (customer deployment, support, offers, events, etc.) and you want to keep the channel for reference, but you don't want it to clutter up your active workspace. Until now, archiving a channel was possible and could be done in a number of ways, and the main chronological steps were as follows :

1- Add a message announcing that the channel is being archived and enable moderation.

2- Change the channel name by adding a prefix such as "OLD_" or "Z_" or "ARCHIVED_".

3- Change the permissions of files or folders in the Sharepoint site to disable the edit option.

Workspace management can be time consuming and is not a one-time process.

Microsoft Teams is finally adding the ability to manage channels more effectively with the new "Archive a Channel" feature, which allows owners to clean up channels that are no longer in use while keeping a historical record of conversations and files.

Here's how it works:

step 1- Navigate to the channel you want to archive.

step 2- Click the three-dot menu icon next to the channel name.

step 3- Select 'Archive this channel

step 4- The archived channel will appear in the Teams and Channels list under Hidden Channels with an archived icon.

Once a channel is archived, conversations in the channel will be locked for all users and an announcement that the channel has been archived will be displayed on the Posts tab.

Files in the team will become read-only if you decide to.

As the team owner, you'll still be able to add or remove members, update roles, and delete, renew, or restore an archived team.

At the time of publication of this article ....

P1 - Only team owners can archive and restore teams.

P2 - As a team owner, you'll still be able to add or remove members, update roles, and delete, renew, or restore an archived team.

P3 - Archive channel work for standard, private, and shared channels

P4 - If you restore an archived team, there'll be no impact on archived channels, and they'll remain archived.

P5 - You can't archive the General channel (but you can hide it if you want)

Microsoft Teams Archive channels

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