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🔰 Microsoft Teams Infographic : use history to revisit what you have done recently

New features are coming fast on Microsoft 365 and you have trouble following the official roadmap ?

👀 Every week, I publish a new infographic presenting a tip, a new feature on Microsoft teams / Microsoft 365 solutions that you can use today on your platform.

How to quickly get back to areas that you’ve recently been to in Microsoft Teams ?

You are working on Teams and a colleague comes and disturbs you or you receive a message that needs to be treated urgently. You leave what you are doing to answer and a few moments later, you want to come back on this first task. ...

At the top left of the Teams window, hover over the "previous" or "next" arrows to see all the tabs, conversations, teams and files you've recently viewed. Pretty handy, no ?

Microsoft Teams infographic history last actions

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