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🔰 Microsoft Forms infographic : Add a timer to limit the time to answer a quiz

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How to create a quiz or a form with a timed response ?

For those who are on Microsoft 365 education, this new feature in Microsoft Forms should interest you in this period of "back to school".

In some situations, teachers may want to set up timed assessments. Prior to this new feature, the only option in Forms was to set a start date with a start time and an end date with an end time as well. Although this was convenient, it was necessary to warn the participants of the time they had to answer the quiz and no timer was displayed.

I know many people who are looking for a simpler and more automated way to set up a timer into a class quiz, for example.

A new feature appeared in Microsoft forms settings allowing you to set up a timed response (in minutes) with values between 1 and 999. When a student or a participant answers, he/she will see the time countdown at the top of the window. And once the time is exceeded, the answer is automatically validated and sent. Really handy!

- The timer works on both form and quiz

- The timer works on forms/quiz sent internally but also those sent externally with the "anyone can respond" option

- The timer in Microsoft Forms is available on both education and business tenants

- When a student or a participant could not answer one or more questions in time, the teacher or the quiz creator will see in the results "no answer provided".

What I think about it

Excellent new feature that meets a real need. One small regret though, I think it would have been nice in the results window to see a label or an icon in front of each question that was not answered in time or to have the possibility to see the time spent on each question to understand if the person really did not have time to answer or spent a lot of time without being able to find an answer.

Microsoft Forms add a timer to a quiz recording

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