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🔰 Microsoft Forms Infographic : Convert quizzes in Word to quizzes with forms easily

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How to import into Forms quizzes made with word and reuse them quickly ?

You are a teacher and come from a school where you did not have access to the Microsoft 365 education platform. You don't want to rewrite everything and are looking for a way to import your word or PDF quizzes into Microsoft Forms

Good news for you and it's all new. In education tenant (not in business ... sorry guys !), a new function has appeared allowing you to import quizzes made in Word or PDF quizzes.

The maximum file size is 10MB & the questions that can be included for correct conversion are multiple choice questions, open questions and questions with fill-in-the-blank text.

Tip top! and if you are not satisfied, the revision mode allows you to readjust the questions before importing. Very useful, isn't it?

Convert a word quiz into forms quiz

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