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🔰 Microsoft Forms infographic : How to add Image as choice in both forms and quiz for your class

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I am a teacher and I use forms. How to add an image instead of text in an answer for a choice type question ?

This was a long-awaited request from many Microsoft Forms users: How to allow selecting pictures instead of text in quizzes? How to implement visual selection questions in quizzes?

Indeed, there are several cases where the choice of images is relevant. It is the example of images (logos, areas to be selected, etc ...) that is much easier to choose the answer, when this answer can not be expressed in words or that to express it in words, it would be necessary to make a sentence too long. It is also the example of teachers who can easily use it to help students with reading difficulties and language comprehension problems or foreign students learning the language.

From now on, it is possible to select photos in the answer choices. Here are the different types of questions and answers where you can add a photo :

- Choice type question : photo insertable in the question field and photo insertable in the answer field

- Open question : photo insertable in the question field

- Evaluation : photo insertable in the question field

- Date : insertable photo in the question field

- Ranking : photo can be inserted in the question field

- Likert : photo to be inserted in the question field

For Choice type questions, there are - 3 ways to get photos -

1) from your computer

2) from Bing search

3) from your OneDrive

And there are - 3 ways to insert photos - in the answer choice

1) Drag and Drop

2) Copy and Paste

3) Bulk import up to 5 images per batch

Once you have added an image to a question, you can adjust its size by enlarging, reducing or zooming in on it to focus on a portion of the image. You can also add alternative text for screen narrators.

My opinion

This is a great new feature and I'm sure many teachers will be excited about it. Here are the few points I would like to highlight :

- It is available for education tenants but also for business tenants

- You have a size limit of 5MB per picture

- Zoom seems to be selected by default when you import pictures. Be sure to deselect it if needed

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