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🔰 Microsoft Viva Learning infographic : How to create and share your learning collection

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With Viva learning, how can I compile a list of bookmarked courses into a collection that I can keep for myself or share with a colleague ?

As we saw in a previous post, Viva Learning allows you to aggregate a catalogue of courses from different sources, internal training materials as well as your third-party training content. Viva Learning is also based on social learning and allows any employee in Teams to share a course they found interesting or even recommend a course to a colleague.

But if you want to organise the series of courses you have bookmarked, or if you want to share more than one course with a colleague, it gets complicated because you have to do it one at a time. So how do you get it all in one place?

This is now possible with collections in Viva Learning. Unlike learning paths, which are only available to administrators or designated individuals, collections are open to anyone in an organisation who wants to curate their courses.

You can curate your personal learning collections using learning content from different learning providers that are approved for your organisation. And it's easy to do. From the My Learning tab and then Collections, each employee can create their own collection, define its title and thumbnail, and add the courses they want. their courses can be divided into sections if required.

Once the collection is created, the employee can either share it with a colleague or recommend it. If they recommend it, the person will find the collection in My learning / recommended to you and can even add it to their calendar.

1 - The deadline for a recommended collection cannot be set.

2 - The status of the person's progress (Not Started/ In-Progress / Completed) is therefore not available at the level of the collection

3 - You cannot recommend to more than 50 users

4 - Tracking toggle is not available for collections

5 - At the time of writing, it is not possible to add your own content, but this should be available soon.

6 - Once created, a collection can be edited, duplicated or deleted.

Microsoft Viva Learning Add a learning path

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