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🔰 Microsoft Viva Learning infographic : How to order training course into a learning path

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As a manager or knowledge manager, How can I build a structured learning path with 3rd party content providers and custom content sources ?

The big advantage of Microsoft Viva Learning is that you can bring together an entire catalogue of courses within Teams, which can come from your internal training materials as well as your third-party training content, such as LinkedIn Learning, Microsoft Learn, Pluralsight, EdX, and more. Employees can access them without leaving the Microsoft Teams app.

This is great for an employee who wants to learn at their own pace while staying in Teams, or for a manager who wants to assign relevant training to employees and track their progress through a Teams team, for example.

But if a manager wants to arrange the different courses in a precise order so that an employee can start with this one, continue with that one, and finish with that one, the stacking of courses does not allow for a precise order. So how do you arrange the different courses in order to have a logical sequence in the learning process?

This is now possible with the introduction of learning paths in Viva Learning. Learning paths are a grouping of courses that can come from different sources, categorised and named with a topic or objective.

Administrators (M365 Administrator, Knowledge Administrator and Knowledge Manager) can create a learning path in the Admin tab of the Viva Learning application. The course created is fully customisable: course title, description, thumbnail and sections if required. Viva Learning also automatically calculates the total time of the course if the training elements included have a duration.

Once published, the course will appear in the course catalogue, on the home page, or on the features page if the administrator has chosen to feature it. And just like any other course within Viva Learning, someone will be able to bookmark it, add it to their collection or recommend it to a colleague.

This is an excellent feature that organisations will certainly appreciate to enrich their onboarding process or to train their teams on a specific topic in an orderly way, without worrying about the origin of the different learning courses.

1 - M365 Admins and Knowledge Managers can create a learning path, and soon, with delegation flows, it will be possible to give permissions to others in the organisation to create learning paths, even if they do not have other admin permissions.

2 - Learning path creation is only available with paid Viva Learning licence plans.

3 - It is possible for a user to add a learning path to their personal learning collection.

4 - It is possible for an administrator to feature a learning path for all.

5 - It is possible for an administrator to restrict access to a learning path using "Manage permissions" and groups (a maximum of 10 can be selected).

6 - It is possible for an administrator to duplicate a learning path.

7 - It is possible for a Team Owner to add the learning path via the Viva Learning tab in a channel.

8 - You cannot add or remove content from a learning path once it has been published. You can only edit the title, description and thumbnail of a published learning path.

Microsoft Viva Learning Add a learning path

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