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🔰 Microsoft Teams education infographic : How to create and organize class resources with Classwork

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How can I organise my teaching resources in sections or modules by grouping files, assignments, Class Notebook pages and Team Class Channel conversations into a single interface that students can see ?

You are teaching and using Microsoft Teams Education. In your Teams class, it's sometimes difficult for students to understand and follow the chronology and various relationships between course resources that might be in Classnotebook, files that are in Channel file spaces, conversations that are in Channels, and assignments that are related to specific parts of your course.

You're looking for a solution to create a central place where your students can see all the resources for each chapter or module at a glance.

A new feature has been added to Class Teams: Classwork.

Classwork is a central resource sharing and access area for teachers and students.

It consists of modules that are used to structure and direct access to learning resources.

Modules have titles and descriptions and teachers can add a range of resources within a module in Classwork. Supported resource types are

🎲 Files

upload from this device / files from onedrive / files from teams / new file

🎲 Assignments

add from this class / new assignement / new quiz / create from existing

🎲 OneNote (Classnotebook) pages

existing page (existing section is coming) / new page

🎲 Links

🎲 Teams channels

If desired, the teacher can drag and drop content to organise it into modules to customise exactly the view that students will have.

Students can't see the module until it's published. This means that you can prepare your course in advance and publish modules when they are needed in the classroom. And a module can be pinned to manage visibility among students.

Just perfect for planification.

Modules can also be pinned. A pinned module will appear at the top of the list and the teacher can unpin it at any time to re-pin another module at a specific time.

... At the time of this blog post publication ...

1 - Classwork is only available in class teams.

2 - You can add up to 48 resources per module.

🏠 Module

1 - Draft modules are only visible to team owners (teachers) until they are published. All new modules are created in draft form.

2 - Publishing a module is irreversible (although a module can be deleted after it has been published).

3 - Any draft or scheduled assignments within the module will not be visible to Students until they are manually assigned (or on the scheduled date).

4 - Only one module at a time can be pinned.

5 - Only published modules can be pinned.

6 - Delete a module: all files and links in the module will be permanently deleted.

7 - Assignments, OneNote pages and team channels can still be accessed in their respective apps/locations outside of Classwork.

8- Coming : Teachers will be able to reuse your modules between Class Teams

🏠 Resource

1 - All files are copied from their original location into Classwork.

2 - Files in a published module are read-only for students (files in a draft module are not visible to students).

3 - File types, names and sizes are subject to SharePoint restrictions and limitations.

4 - An assignment can only be added to one module.

5 - The visibility of assignments to students is controlled within the assignment, not by the status of the Classwork module.

6 - Class Notebook content can only be added if the Class Notebook has been set up.

7 - Only pages within the Content Library section of the Class Notebook are supported.

8 - Visibility of Class Notebook content to students is controlled within the Class Notebook and not by the status of the Classwork module.

9 - Only secure links (beginning with https) are supported.

10 - Only standard Teams channels are supported. Private or Shared channels can't be added to Classwork.

11 - Standard Teams channels and the content within them are visible to all Students and are not controlled by the Classwork module status.

🏠 Admin governance

As Classwork is an application in Teams, a Teams administrator will be able to authorise or block it by applying app policies based on the user groups involved.

Along with "Home Page", Classwork introduces a new way of organising information and resources that helps students navigate the classroom and see everything in one place.

I can now see three benefits for teachers in using Classwork for a class team.

First One 👍 Easier. Teachers can save time and better organise their course resources.

Second one 👍 Better visibility for students. In the past, it could be complicated to group assignments, messages and files together. This could be done in OneNote, but the student would have to open the Classnotebook. Now it is in a single place

Third one 👍 Customisation. Teachers have the freedom to organise their courses, for example, by topic or week, and to add resources that are already available.

Microsoft Teams education Classwork

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